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I was born and raised in Missouri, where my family has lived for four generations. I was lucky to have two great parents who taught me right from wrong and the importance of public service.  As a youth I was a member of the Boy Scouts.  My parents believed in the importance of working hard, so during summers I worked with my brother cutting neighbors’ yards.  During high school I worked as a bus boy and a stock clerk.

I then attended the University of Missouri-Columbia and earned a Bachelor of Science degree.  During college I was diagnosed with cancer and faced the biggest challenge of my life. The incredible support of my family and friends helped me win that battle.  The experience taught me to stay focused on what is important and to use my time to make a positive impact on those around me.

I also hold an MBA degree from the College of William and Mary in Virginia.  After graduating I worked as a Financial Analyst before starting law school at St. Louis University.  While in law school, I worked for the McDonnell Douglas law department on the T-45 project with security clearance, served on the Public Law Review and Moot Court, clerked at the Missouri Court of Appeals and the Federal District Court.

After working for a law firm, I opened my own practice. I worked for eight years as Crawford County assistant prosecutor and county attorney.  During that time, I took on a second position as a regional child support enforcement attorney for the State of Missouri plus maintained a private law practice before becoming a judge. My judicial philosophy is to handle cases in a quick, accurate and polite manner. I have a very good record for handling a lot of cases and rarely appealed (only two have been taken up to the Court of Appeals and none reversed). Currently, I manage the largest case volume in the 42nd judicial circuit.

I live on a farm on the beautiful Huzzah Creek, which I enjoy with my family and friends.  The people of Crawford County have been very good to me, and I try to repay that kindness though my service to the community as a Volunteer Firefighter and an EMT.

With your support, I can continue serving Crawford County as associate judge.  Please help me with your support and vote this November.

Sincerely yours,

Scott Bernstein